D and DT Series - DC Power Supply Transformers

FAQ for D and DT Series - DC Power Supply Transformers

Alternative to switched-mode power supply, we offer DC rectified transformer built according to our customersā€™ requirement. Taps can be added at primary winding for adjustment to achieve the required DC output.

D Series - Single Phase Isolating DC Transformers

Our single phase DC transformers come with smoothed and unsmoothed units. For smoothed units, capacitors are fitted to attain a more linear DC wave. Units with large capacitors have resistors connected to prevent shock after power is turn off.

Models Offered

DC 2 Pulse Rectified Transformer

DC 2 Pulse Rectified Transformer with smoothing capacitor

DT Series ā€“ Three Phase Isolating DC Transformers

Three phase DC rectified transformer has a number of advantages over single phase units. The duration between the charging pulse are shorter there by providing high level of smoothing without any capacitors. Additionally, the voltage only falls 14% from peak between pulses as that is when the pulses overlap.

Models Offered

DC 6 Pulse Rectified Transformer

DC 12 Pulse Rectified Transformer

Optional accessories/components:

Additional primary taps, selector switch, Fuse
Enclosure IP23, IP44, IP65