Switchgear and Panels

Electrical transformers for switchgear and panels
Isolation transformers, or control transformers, built specially for switchgear and panel industry. These transformers provide a better regulation during in-rush when the transformer is energized. 

Marine and Offshore

Electrical transformers for marine and offshore
The transformers for marine and offshore industry are built of high quality material. Additional components (sockets, circuit breaker, meters) can be added upon request.


Electrical transformers for construction
Our most popular series for construction and building is PS Series - Portable Site Safety Transformers. These transformers come with IEC60309 sockets and plug ready to use off the shelves.


Electrical transformers for measurement
Our potential transformers for measuring can be built up to accuracy class 1.0. These transformers are built according to IEC 61869-3 standard.

Outdoor Environment

Electrical transformers for outdoor environment
We supply customised and commercial enclosure up to IP66. These enclosures provide high reliability in adverse outdoor environment.

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GS Transformers is an electrical transformer manufacturer specializing in low voltage dry type transformers.


3 phase autotransformer


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3 phase autotransformer for motor starting

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